The Friends4Michael Foundation 2014 Annual Report is Now Available

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The Friends4Michael Foundation 2014 Annual Report is Now Available

Monroe, NY– May 19, 2015 – Dr. Michael J. Kwinn, Jr., President of The Friends4Michael Foundation (F4M), announces 2014 was a ground breaking year that will set the stage for F4M’s second decade.  Dr. Kwinn is the father of Michael III who passed away in 2003 from a brain stem tumor at age 14.  In 2014, F4M helped over 250 families and is poised to help even more in 2015.   Soon F4M will help their 1500th family across the country since beginning in 2003.

According to Dr. Kwinn, “Through our outreach and successful awareness campaign, more people were touched than ever before. I am especially proud of the time sequence between receiving an application and our ability to issue a check to families in need in less than 5 days! Not 5 business days… 5 days.”

In 2014, F4M reached a milestone for raising more money for families, mostly due to the successful Friends4Michael Running Team. The Friends4Michael Running Team raised over $67,000 to help the families that theF4M has been helping for over a decade. F4M has made huge strides with focused running team events and  will continue to expand to new areas of the country including different types of events.


The F4M Running Team participates annually in: the Race for Hope DC, the TCS NYC Marathon, the LA Marathon, and the Marine Corps Marathon. Over 250 runners wore Friends4Michael orange shirts at these four races. This year, F4M looks forward to joining the race series in Chicago, including the Chicago Half-Marathon and the Chicago Triathlon. The members for the F4M Running Team participate individually in triathlons, 5ks, 10ks and even Ironmans!  Participants raise money to help kids fighting brain tumors.

F4M would like to acknowledge their Corporate Legacy partners for their generous donations to the Foundation:  ArcLight Capital Partners, Singhal and Company, Inc., and Toltec Global Services (TGS). TGS is committed to making an even greater impact in 2015 with a F4M newly designed  website, social media platforms, blog and marketing automation for corporate and individual fundraising campaigns.

2014 was, by many measures, the Friends4Michael Foundation’s best year ever. To find out more, please see the annual report on

About Friends 4 Michael F4M
Founded in 2003, the primary effort of the F4M is to provide assistance, including financial, to families across the country whose children are fighting a brain tumor. The F4M also provides support for directed charities which supported Michael in his memory. Finally, the F4M continues to support the Race for Hope, which we call “Michael’s Run” because this was Michael’s way of giving back. Funds raised at this run supports brain tumor research. Visit their website at